We recently traded cars and this one is silver. I had to read the manual to learn how to drive a silver car… Actually, I had to read the manual to figure out how to operate all the bells and whistles. We both did. Don’t get me wrong – I like lots of bells and whistles on my cars but we’d had the Jeep so long it had become part of my DNA! We had a Chrysler 300M before that and it was loaded with “goodies” but they apparently were simple to figure out because I don’t remember it being a problem. (I was also a wee bit younger…)
I think I was totally traumatized when I saw the start button on the dash. There were shades of deja-vu back to when I was a little girl and my parents had a car with a push button starter on the dash. That was a LONG time ago. Now the key fob is a proximity fob. If it’s in my pocket or purse I can start my car. ‘Course, I have to have it in my hand to unlock the car, just like in the olden days last week – so what was the point? I’m a believer in the new old adage – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
We went to Jackson shortly after we bought it and I glanced at the fuel gage the next day, since it’s supposed to get better mileage than the Jeep did, and it was less than half. I kept thinking that seemed like quite a bit of fuel for such a short trip. At 55 mph. I completely ignored the fact that the letters were C and H. Not E and F…
We looked and looked for the compass since I was born lost. ( My husband would have to admit that he relies on the compass a lot too.) We finally had to go back to the dealership and ask them where it was. I seemed to be batting zero everywhere I turned with this car but I think I hit bottom when I had to call my salesman and ask him how to raise the windows. I knew I’d lost him on that one – the silence was deafening. I drove to where my husband was and he reached in the very wide open window and lifted up on the edge of the button. I had done everything with that button, but it never occurred to me to lift up on it. My experience has always been that you push the button back to lower the window and push it forward to raise it. I really hate it when I validate the (senior) dumb blonde jokes!
I’ve finally settled down – sort of – and am quite enjoying buzzing around in my little Dodge Journey, but Bob had better not ask me to drive a tank or he’ll really regret that one.


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