Hi. My name is June Johnston. I am a wife, mother, great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother, writer, photographer, and new blogger. My husband and I have been married for 64 years and are high school sweethearts. I was born and raised in Missouri; my husband entered the scene when we were in the eighth grade but we didn’t start dating until we were sophomores.
We live in what we consider God’s country – Wyoming! This state is certainly not for the faint of heart, and around February each year I begin thinking that Arizona’s warm, snow-free weather looks perfect. We must like being surrounded by four feet plus of snow all winter, every winter, though, because we keep doing it.
There’s wildlife in our yard, some of it is really wild! Mostly, it’s just deer, but some of our neighbors that live further back in the mountains may have elk, bear, or even mountain lions pay them a visit. They can keep the big kitties!
We are great-grandparents to twelve, great-great-grandparents to one, and share our home with a tiny Pomeranian – or rather, she let us share her home…



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