I always try to start my mornings off right but I outdid myself this morning. I had just finished painting one of my bathrooms and needed to clean some paint residue out of my laundry sink so I grabbed a bottle of 409 off the shelf and started spraying. I was soon overcome with fumes that I’d never noticed with 409 before. Flinging open the laundry room door, escaping to the outdoors, I grabbed the bottle on my way out. Oops. Clearly written with black magic marker across the 409 instructions were the words Deer Repellant.
Ohmygosh. Would I ever be able to go back into the house? (The deer were eating our bushes last fall; I kept spraying but they kept eating – until the snow covered them all.)
My husband, Bob, was at the computer in my office, which is next to the laundry room and I figured I’d better explain. Girding my loins, I forged my way back through the fragrant laundry room and went into the office where he sat completely oblivious to anything untoward. I, however, was laughing so hard it was impossible to say anything and he merely had that tolerant now-what-has-my-crazy-wife-done look on his face. Then I remembered he has a poor sense of smell.
Finally, I told him what had happened and by then the scent had drifted into his space so when he laughed it was a rather sickly laugh. He conveniently decided he needed to find some work to do elsewhere. Meanwhile, I’m washing out the sink, airing out the house from the smell of rotten eggs and watching the dogs look at me with accusing eyes as they escape to the back yard. Phew! I think I’ll go with them!