Hi, my name is June Johnston. I am a writer, photographer, new blogger, and great grandmother of six. I’m not really old enough for that – I just like the title…
This is the FIRST post on my FIRST blog and you are the FIRST ones reading it. That might be a dubious honor.
This site is meant to make you smile, maybe chuckle, and once in a while enjoy a good belly laugh. We definitely need to laugh nowadays! However, sometimes it will just be photos I’m sharing with you; some days the posts may be thought provoking instead of funny.
I like to write goofy little stories. They might be entirely true. Might not. Some will be like TV shows that say they are based on a true story. Some will be completely fiction – you probably won’t have any trouble figuring out which ones are which. Point is – this site is just for fun, nothing will ever be meant to hurt anyone.
I welcome your comments as long as you follow the usual rules: No profanity, no vulgarity, nothing mean or inappropriate – you know what that is.
Check back soon and maybe I’ll have one of those goofy little stories. (And keep in mind I’m learning as I go with this.)

P.S. Above is one of my photos of the Tetons.


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