Change your cell service, they said.  It’ll be easy, they said.  

I didn’t want to change cell service, but I had no choice.  Old people like me prefer not to change much of anything!  I have a natural aversion to big companies, but I wound up with one!  We all thought everything was just ducky since it was all working.  Then I got an email telling me to get my service changed.

I told them I already had, two weeks ago. Upon checking they determined that my number had not been ported- out, or not ported- out properly – I was never sure which.  So – they did it and that’s when everything became not so easy!

Nothing would work!!  Nothing. 

All kinds of things were going on behind the scenes between three entities and I kept checking with them.  Nothing was getting any better.  More weeks passed with the email messages continuing,  telling me I needed to get it changed. Everyone was trying, but nothing was working.  Two more port-out attempts were made before they said, “You are completely out of our system now.”   Two days later I got another email telling me to git-r-dun.  Sigh. Still – nothing was working.

After seven weeks had passed I gathered up our phones and we took our Dodge Journey on a journey – (just what I was trying to avoid) -two hours away – to sign up with a Wyoming company that Bob wanted to go with in the first place.  A company that he knew for sure had good service in the remote places he likes to camp.  (I hate eating crow!)

Through many, many miles of road construction, we finally got there, got our cell service set up, and headed for home the next day.  It wasn’t exactly a slam-dunk though.  My text history was gone.  My photos,  too.  My phone number was so tangled up with all that had been done to it that it wasn’t usable. So, like it or not, I had to get a new one.  Next, I would have to spend many hours getting the new number to all that should have it.

To top it all off, we apparently got food poisoning somewhere and I had to throw-up twice in the car ((thankfully, I had a barf bag in there)– both times going through road construction.  Bob was sick too, but didn’t have to vomit.  He remained the designated driver.

But it was over, right?

Not quite.  A week later I decided to check on my balance on my old cell/everything service since I like to pay ahead on some things.  I found out that not only did I still have my old cell service – I was still being charged for it, of course.

I called again,  A very nice lady closed it right then, credited me what was appropriate, and all is well, I think.  Time will tell. 

Crazy things happen in life. They can be funny, frustrating, devastating, or maddening!  Now if anyone dares to even hint that I should change anything, however insignificant, in my electronics – well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.


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