In 2006 we sold our home and art gallery in Evanston, WY. and moved to Star Valley. I came up here kicking and screaming – I did not want to leave Evanston. (Now I’d be kicking and screaming if Bob tried to move me from here!) We rented a house up the street while he built this one, almost by himself.

He was totally driven and nine months later we had our “baby”- we moved in ten years ago this weekend. The garage came later. What an accomplishment it was! He was 67 at the time, was always one of the hardest-working men I know – still is. Truly, he still is.
SO MUCH has happened in the past decade – it’s hard to believe. I have watched our family grow, not just physically – we’ll be up to 12 great-grandchildren this summer which includes three sets of twins – but in so many other ways. Events have taken place that have shown what the members of this family are made of. I am so very thankful to God for our wonderful children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren – all extended members included. We are so very blessed.


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