Guess What’s Coming to Dinner


So there we were, enjoying the company of friends, dining in the wonderfully rustic Old Yellowstone Garage restaurant, consuming delicious food, when all of a sudden this horrific boom startled everyone clear into next year.   First we all looked at each other, then around the establishment, when lo and behold, we spied a bumper where it shouldn’t be.  Sure enough, a truck had tried to come to dinner via a window – where four people were seated!

It was quickly obvious that no one was hurt, although the other man at our table announced that if anyone was, he was a lawyer (he wasn’t)!  There were uneasy chuckles throughout the restaurant as staff began to handle the situation.

We all soon relaxed and resumed our activities, realizing we’d just had what would ordinarily be a once in a lifetime experience.

Oddly enough, the same thing recently happened at Tootsie’s Pizza, another restaurant we frequent here in Star Valley, only that vehicle tried to enter through the log walls and shut the business down for a week or so

One tends to think at times of what could go wrong-  like when dining in the Space Needle at Seattle – one of my favorite life memories.  The dining room on top turns one full revolution per hour and we were there at sunset. The big plus was that all of our children were still living at home. It was simply a glorious evening.   It would have been a bit difficult for a vehicle to enter that restaurant – but an airplane gone awry might have!

Now it might be a stretch to say that our presence caused these two incidents, but a friend of ours said that if she drove up to a restaurant and Bob and I were there, she was leaving!



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