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022A couple miles up the road we have the pleasure of driving by an alpaca farm on our way to town. They are SO cute! People are often there taking pictures or just standing and absorbing the sweetness of the animals. Thankfully they’re not harvested – just their fur.
Alpacas are a smaller animal than llamas, although they look like miniatures of them. They are both Camelids and are native to South America. While llamas are a strong animal and are used for packing or as guard animals, the alpacas, being a smaller, more delicate creature, are just raised for their fur. They need to be in a community of other alpacas to thrive, whereas you often see a llama alone and they do fine by themselves. Both animals will spit, not necessarily at you – although they do that as well – but you might get caught in the spitting crossfire between two of them. Alpacas communicate by foot stamping, kicking, and spitting. Sounds like some humans I know…