042Before we moved here we lived in Evanston, Wyoming, and there were two large trees in our front yard. Often, when I went out the front door to go to work, their music would stop me in my tracks! It truly started my day off right to stand there for a few minutes listening to them (and trying to find them – which I usually couldn’t). I don’t know much about birds except that I like them.
My husband, Bob, put a little birdhouse just off our back deck here. A couple soon decided to make it their home. We’re not sure what kind of birds they are, but from checking on the internet they look like a tree swallow or a bluebird thrush. So sweet. There are now several eggs in the nest. They seem to lay one, then nothing for a few days, then another one shows up.
Don’t let the open front worry you. It has a door that we can lift to the side briefly for viewing. We’ll keep you posted on our little family.